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"If something good happens, Daesung will think that it is because of other people. But if something bad happens, he will think that it is his fault."

- G-Dragon about Daesung on ‘Healing Camp’

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Be strong, Kwonleader!

BIGBANG’s Sweet Reactions When You Are Jealous~

GD: *smirks and wriggles his eyebrows teasingly* Oh my, is that jealousy in your tone, Baby? You have been observing me and that actress noona the whole time, is that right? *laughs, then hugs you* Oh Princess, don’t be mad. You know I cannot avoid it, it’s my job! She got to hug me, yes, but you will get something way better from me later. *grinns* 

YB: Jagiya *laughs*. Hey, are you really mad now? Come on, you know that she has been my dance partner for a long time. We are good friends and those moves are only for the authenticity of our performance later. *gives you a backhug and whispers in your ear* Don’t worry, beautiful. You are the only one I truly like to touch. 

TOP: What is with that frown on your face? *frowns himself* Is it because of that scene I have just shooted? Are you jealous? *smiles warmly after you have nodded shyly* Babe, that was only acting. Come here and I will show you what real love looks like. *pecks your lips* Can you feel the difference now?

DAE: *cannot stop smiling* You know what? The fact that you are fuming from jealousy and anger doesn’t worry me at all. *leans your body gently against his chest* And do you know why? Because I take this as a sign of your undying love for me, Jagi. *kisses the top of your head*

SR:You are jealous? Hah! Now you know how I feel whenever I see you with that guy bestfriend of yours! Be glad that I am such an open-minded boyfriend! *Sees you pouting and stares at you.* Ah, but that doesn’t change the fact that you are the only woman who can make my knees go weak *Kisses you all of a sudden* 

G-Dragon is the only man I know who can advertise lipsticks, mascara, handbags and women’s perfume effortlessly without girls feeling weird about it.

Watching this adorable video, I suddenly remember what people said about Jiyong after the marijuana incident:

"You are the devil in BIGBANG"

"Just die."

I came across this video coincidently. I watched it and I thought to myself: How can this guy be a ‘devil’? How can they wish for him to die when he makes so many people happy?
I mean, just look at his eyes. Look at how he teases the fans, how he plays with them, naturally, as if he was playing with his dongsaengs? Look at how he reacts when that child almost fell, how he tries to prevent the small boy from hurting himself. Look at how his eyes sparkle during the whole event.

I mean, look at how kind he is. How could he be a devil ?

BIGBANG Warning/ Scaring Their Daughters’ Boyfriend

GD: “Ok, now listen you punk. Don’t think you have won just because you have used your boyish charms on my wife and my daughter. Daddy Jiyong is still here. Waiting. And I expect you to bring my baby home at ten. If you are late by one minute, I’ll burn you. Get it?” *smiles evily* 

TY: No kissing, no strong hugs - my daughter is very fragile! And no alcohol for the both of you. Please drive slowly and carefully and don’t forget to put on the belt on her! And I dare you to take her to inapprotiate places and - ugh, okay just leave now!

TOP: *eyes boyfriend from head to toe* Button up that shirt. Now. Are you trying to distract my innocent daughter with that chest of yours? Is that your strategy, huh? I dare you to seduce her, my friend! On this date, you two will only talk. Talk

DAE: *mumbles: What is so great about this guy? Pff* Hey, you there! I am handing you my precious child today and I expect you to take care of her or I will take care of you, if you know what I mean. You don’t want me to follow you, do you? 

SR: Yah, you may be her first boyfriend but you will never ever come close to my position! You will always be number two because daddy is number one in my princess’ heart! So don’t even try to replace me! And don’t even get me started on what I’ll do if she comes home crying…

This is an old interview with Big Bang and… OMG it’s so cute! You have to watch this, it will definitely make you feel happy ^^ Nostalgic a bit - but happy! Top’s ‘high voice’ towards the end is killing me :D

Here is the original, guys :’D

What Would BIGBANG Say To You If You Felt Ugly?

GD: “Ugly? Who dares to call you that? Damn, you are the most beautiful girl I have ever laid my eyes on, did you know? Every man would die to be with you but they cannot because you are mine.Only mine. Period! I am not giving you away, princess. I love every part of you, especially that adorable baby fat on your stomach. Now let me kiss that spot and make you forget about those silly thoughts of yours. ‘Ugly’, tsk! You must be kidding me, baby.”

TOP: “Ugly? Why do you call yourself like that? Aren’t you being a bit unfair to yourself? I mean, look at those cute sparkling eyes of yours. Have you forgotten the countless times I got lost in them? You made me almost speechless the first time I saw you and you still do, babe. And your lips, I have to control myself from attacking you with kisses whenever we are in public. So don’t ever speak such nonsense about being ugly again, arrasso?”

DAE: “Ugly? Are you joking with me, Jagiya? You are b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l, okay? Beautiful - in all ways possible. So what’s so attractive about those sticks called models these days? They walk around, pale like dead bodies and thin like a saltstick. No way I would look at them! I prefer my sweet Jagiya and her breath-taking smile. You make Oppa crazy, I swear. Come here and hug me now and I will  tell you thousand things I like about you.”

SR: “Ugly? You? HAHAHAHA - No, wait! You are being serious, aren’t you? Oh baby girl ! What is going on in that cute little head of yours? Can’t you see how much your boyfriend adores you or are you doing this on purpose? I love you! I love all of you! I can’t keep my eyes off you for one second whenever you are around and you tell me that you’re feeling ugly? Bullshit. My baby is perfect!”

YB: “Ugly? Which part of you do you call ugly? We all have insecurities, love. I do, too. In fact, I am often afraid that you will find someone more handsome, more attractive than me. Whenever I look at you, I ask myself what I have done to deserve such a beautiful and mesmerizing girl like you, a girl that makes me want to touch her and kiss her all the time. You are the prettiest girl in my universe, baby. Believe me that.” 


A/N: This one is sooo random, I know! :’)

I don’t know why but I felt like writing this. We girls usually have a lot of insecurities (Like Youngbae says here ^^) and sometimes, a look in a mirror can bring you down. I experience that often, I think a lot of us do and that’s why I wanted to cheer everyone up! You are beautiful!! :-)

My homework was to write three album reviews - Here is one for “One of A Kind” ! :-)

"Who the hell is one of a kind here?”, you may ask yourself now. Are you confused? Well, be prepared to become more puzzled when I drop the name G-Dragon for you all! The Leader of South Korea’s top boygroup BIGBANG is back with his second solo album “One of A Kind” and ready to rock your ears with sounds as various as the haircolours had over the years. (Side note: He is known for changing his appearance like others change their underwear!)

Kwon Ji Yong, that’s G-Dragon’s real name, is only 25 years old and already seen as a multitalent in the Korean music business. His abilities go from rapping,singing and dancing to writing and even producing. Rumours say that over 100 songs have been written by his young hand and this includes not only his own singles but also other artist’s hits! However, let’s focus on the newest material he has released: "One of A Kind".

Three years have passed since his very first solo-album "Heartbreaker"(which was very successful by the way!)and fans have been anticipating their idol’s new work as much as lions anticipate fresh meat after being hungry for a while. It was up to G-Dragon – or GD for short – to fill all those growling stomachs and that’s why he came right out of the studio with seven freshly produced tracks, three music videos and a photobook, all wrapped up in a stylish package that seems to represent the arist’s unique taste in everything. Being the perfectionist that he is, one can assume that GD personally prepared this little gift for his fans in order to make it perfect for them, not forgetting the little note thats says "Thank you ”.

But you cannot judge a book by its cover. Can you?

Yes, we can! (At least this time!)

Vote for G-Dragon because he has something for every individual’s problem! Are you a lovesick wreck ? Try "Without You" and cry yourself to sleep and if you long for a special person, switch to "Missing You". Both songs are a perfect ode to the romantic ones among us. The two ladies’ strong voices - Kim Yoon Ah’s and Park Chae Young’s - to be exact, only support GD’s attempts at portraying his personal experiences through his music. Furthermore, they match wonderfully with his own voice, which he likes to play with in this album. While he sings in his usual soft and soothing voice in "Without You", he sounds much more determined and honest in"Missing You". This way the listeners – and I mean every listener, not only Koreans– are able to understand the meaning of both songs easily and can cry and whistle along effortlessly. "That XX" is also dedicated to love, but more specifically to jealousy. "What does that bastard have that I don’t?", is what GD sings and what we all think when we see a beloved person with someone else. It seems like the lyrics are universal and understandable for everyone who has been in love at least once. Two things about this track though: Listen to the uncensored version in order to feel it more intensely (Yes, there is a reason why the song was named "That XX" in Korea). Also, get used to the fact that G-Dragon tends to sing a bit nasaly. That might sound unpleasant to some people but it actually has its own charm, too.

Now before all the party people here feel discriminated, let’s talk about two other songs, which are "Today" and Crayon.”. Especially the latter has gained big popularity in Korea and has become a typical earworm thanks to the repeating part: "Get your crayon!". Put your pencils away, man! It’s just a pun! Get your crayon!”actually means "Get your cray on!" or more specifically "Get your crazy on!" To put it in a nutshell: Be nuts! Be freaky! This track is perfect for any party out there, nice to dance and jump to."Today"contains a similiar message like "Crayon" even though this track is less hectic and more on the ‘rockish’ side, regarding the sound. It can be compared with a roller coaster, always starting off slow, with Kim Jong Wan’s high-pitched introduction and going on with GD’s cocky rapping and singing. The lyrics speak for themselves: "Today I don’t care cause we’re wild and young […] Today […] I am rocking my life away" So party people, enjoy!

Nevertheless, let’s not forget G-Dragon’s roots: Hip Hop. Yes, Kwonleader (another nickname) has collaborated with fellow rappers such as Tablo and Dok2 for "Light It Up", an anthem to all of you who like to act untouchable from time to time. The background music itself sounds almost provoking and so does each sportingly divided part of the three rappers. Their different tones of voice make this track even more interesting for your ears.

GD says it himself,says that he is One of a Kind” (= title track), extraordinary and definitely not mainstream.But in order to believe me, you must check this album out and see it with your own eyes, hear it with your own ears. Have an open mind, drop your prejudices against weird fashion and enjoy!

Omo VIPs, GD is leading! You are the best, big thanks to everyone who voted !  
Now let’s try to keep him on #1 :)

Omo VIPs, GD is leading! You are the best, big thanks to everyone who voted !
Now let’s try to keep him on #1 :)


Our leader is nominated for Fuse TV’s ‘Best new Pop artist’ & he is the second most voted artist after Belinda from Mexico!

He has 43% of the votes while she has 55%, but we can top that! :) We did once (EMA)

I think you can vote as much as you want, just refrest the page. But honestly, even if all of us voted once, that would be really nice :)

Please reblog this & thank you

GD’s text message to Seungri (2013)

"Your first stage, the dances are too weird. I wish they would be a bit heavier. On a stage, you need something memorable. Because your ‘GG Be’ clothes seem like what you would ordinarily wear, let’s try to dress up a little bit more. Don’t try to look like a man, it doesn’t look cool. As I tell you always, you look too old when you do that. Things that people around you tell you, listen carefully to those words because they are all for your sake." (Source: BBU)

Why am I not surprised about the fashion advice here? :D hahah

Anyone looking for an alternative link for GD’s teaser? Here you go! ^-^

The definition of “Coup d’état”:

Wikipedia says:

A coup d’état; also known as a coup, a putsch, or an overthrow, is the sudden deposition of a governmentusually by a small group of the existing state establishment—typically the military—to depose the extant government and replace it with another body, civil or military

-> Basically, Jiyong seems to plan to claim his thrown as the ‘King of K-Pop’, introducing a complete new genre to Korea that will be 100% ‘him' :)

I am excited!