The Sun Has Risen ♥
About Jiyong - What’s happening? O.o

I am sure many of you have noticed that something has been off since Dispatch revealed pictures of Jiyong and Kiko:

• fansites shut down
• his and Kiko’s instagram are flooded with comments
• nobody took pictures of Jiyong at the fan event in Seoul
• my last re-post: his gift box is almost empty

I don’t want to over-analyze things, I am not capable of doing that. But don’t you all agree that this is kind of fishy? And if yes, don’t you ask yourself why this must be happening, now that OT5 plan activities together?

Jiyong is still Jiyong, he is still a great leader and artist, a hard-working man, a person that likes to (or well, used to) share his daily life with his fans through SNS. He is not an evil person, a junkee or whatever some people call him. One could argue that I don’t know him personally but neither do those people who judge him so easily. I generally believe in a persons good sides before I eventually discover the bad ones on my own. Certainly, Jiyong must have bad sides. All of us have them. But his bad side is not ‘being in love with someone’ or posting a silly picture (‘molly’). How can love be a crime? We should be happy for him! And how can one picture make a person? It was a careless act, that’s true. But Jiyong is not only a singer, a celebrity, an artist, BB’s leader, he is also a friend, a brother, a lover, a son and most importantly, he is human. Humans make mistakes sometimes. We tend to forget that …

So, I don’t know what is going on lately and maybe I am being too dramatic, but it’s just sad how some people turn their back on someone whom they have loved and supported for so long ._. And why? Because there is someone out there who makes him happy, wow … I and many of you as well have not lost their respect towards GD and we’ll keep supporting him because he has proven so many times what a sweet person he can be.

Sorry guys, I had to let that out > >.

About the Accident

Firstly, I am so glad nobody inside that car got hurt! Thank God! I was so worried when I read that there was an accident!

I know that some people are angry at Jiyong for performing despite the shock but hey, doesn’t he actually deserve a round of applause for still appearing there, singing and dancing although he could have been seriously hurt? I wouldn’t have loved him less if he went to the hospital after all, but what Ji has done is truly heartwarming. 

What shocked me a bit were the fans though. I understand that they were angry and tired of waiting so long but that is no reason to badmouth Jiyong right away. And even after they knew what happened, they still wanted an encore stage and that is a bit … idk but one could have been a bit more considerate in my opinion ._. 

I am just glad you and everyone else in the car are safe, Ji <3

Ji’s habits!

There are some things Jiyong just has to do during interviews, events and stuff! :D For example:

  • wetting his lips: Have you ever noticed how often he pulls his lips inwards in order to wet them or how he sometimes even licks his lips?
  • pouting: Sometimes, you see him pouting with no reason! He usually stares at the ground, or spaces out while doing that. It’s quite adorable though :)
  • pushing his shades up: I think it is because the bridge of his nose is quite small, but Jiyong always pushes his (giant) shades up, doesn’t he? :D
  • nodding his head: Whenever someone is saying something he agrees with, Jiyong nods continuousely as if saying : I appreciate what you say, man!
  • covering his mouth: Our leader is quite shy after all, right? Whenever he laughs, he covers his mouth with the back of his hand! ^^
  • lifting/arching his brows: I think Ji likes to play with his facial expressions. He doesn’t do it that often compared to the habits above but I noticed that he sometimes lifts his brows for a second or two. 

This is what I have noticed! If you have something to add, please go ahead ^-^ 

Prince Kwon Jiyong ♥ Very fierce! His eyes :0

How I imagine BIGBANG as dads:

GD: possessive daughter’s fool dad ♡
YB: warm & loving dad ♡
Dae: playful & funny dad ♡
SR: super proud dad ♡
TOP: caring bingu dad ♡

Ri, Youngbae and Ji looked absolutely perfect in Guangzhou :) I love it when our boys are dressed so simply. Like, they don’t even need that much bling bling to look gorgeous :)

The Story Of BIGBANG

Let’s time travel together. How about we go back millions of years before our earth was even born, before we were born, before rules and boundaries. sciences and philosophy, animals and plants were born? Can you imagine floating in outer space, witnessing the birth of the universe? Can you hear the Big Bang?

It is louder than any kind of onomatopoeia can even express and it means much more to our existence than any scientific book can describe. The Big Bang marks day one, the beginning of life, the start of us and everything.

But let’s face it: No human being, or at least not the majority of us, ponders about the past that much. We usually think back and remember our childhood, then immediately stop when we reach our embarassing high school days. However, nowadays, the term “Big Bang” refers to more than the birth of the universe. Aside from the popular US TV-series “The Big Bang Theory” that many people are aware of, there is, somewhere in the small country that is called South Korea, a group of five young men who have one thing in common: their passion for music.

Yes, there is a Big Bang that didn’t happen millions of years ago. In fact, it all started in 2006.

"Hello, we’re Big … Bang!"

The five men – back then they were just boys – proudly introduce themselves, mimicking the sound of a real ‘bang’ when pronouncing the second syllable of their band name. Some people giggle when they hear it for the first time. Everything seems a bit childish: their oversized clothes, weird hairstyles and toothy grins on their faces. Little does the world know what these guys had to endure before being able to smile so brightly into the camera.

Kwon Jiyong, born in 1988, is a talented little kid. At young age, he participates in dance competitions, winning them effortlessly with his swift and flawless moves. The boy is different. Even back then, he is interested in fashion, accompanying his mother to the mall whenever she goes there. She chooses and makes outstanding clothes for him and little Jiyong loves it. He doesn’t know yet that he’ll receive presents from the most famous fashion designers one day. “I was very shy as a kid.”, he says. Indeed, he was. But that didn’t stop him from continuing with acting and dancing, didn’t stop him from getting noticed by a man called Yang Hyun Suk, who is, today, one of the richest men in South Korea. Maybe he wouldn’t be if he hadn’t convinced little Jiyong to sign a contract. “When your mother is back [from the restroom], tell her that you really, really want to join my company.” These are his original words.

Kwon Jiyong is a teenager when he becomes a trainee at YG Entertainment. He is still timid, although CEO Yang believes in his talent. But things are not easy. The future leader of BIGBANG is still a student and it becomes hard for him to manage training and going to school at the same time. Usually, he is at YG till late in the night. Then he arrives at home, does his homework sloppily before waking up at six in the morning again. Of course he dozes off. His scores are low. He gets scolded a lot. His teachers scold him. His parents scold him. Jiyong askes himself if he made the right descision. But then he remembers listening to Wu-Tang Clan at his friend’s house for the first time. Damn, he loves rap and he really wants to become a rapper.

Someone will share that dream with him soon.

One day, Jiyong meets this boy who is leaned back in a comfortable position, reading a comic that hides his face from him. The whole time, he asks himself “Who is this?”. Being the shy kid that he is, he cannot bring himself to go and talk to him. Instead, it is the other boy who introduces himself to him. Dong Youngbae, born in 1988, is a new trainee at YG.

He is a bubbly kid who has even bumped his fist on Yang’s office table, boldly asking him to accept him. He is a complete contrast to the quiet Jiyong. The latter is even a bit scared of him at first, finding out that he is the “third best fighter at school”. Nevertheless, the two soon get along well – very well, to be more specific. Even though their characters are complete opposites, both boys share the same dream: becoming a singer. “We have qualities that the other doesn’t have. That may be irritating at times though it helps most of the time” – Youngbae today about his ten years of friendship with Jiyong. Some people say that they have switched personalities after growing up.

The two teenagers call themselves GDYB, performing at the concerts of their seniors. They buy their costumes with their own pocket money at that time. “We couldn’t even imagine about make-up.”, says adult Jiyong now. After their performance, they go home by subway, just like the fans do. People stare at them and start whispering. They don’t whisper because they are excited to see them. They whisper because they cannot believe that those two kids performed on stage and were now going home by subway, like ordinary people. It doesn’t sound like much, it really doesn’t. But to those two young teenagers, it was a fairly embarassing experience. One time, the manager is supposed to pick them up and they wait for hours and hours. No car arrives. They decide to give him a call and when he finally picks up, he mumbles something like: “Oh, sorry, I kind of forgot you.” Ah, yes. Everyone seems to overlook Jiyong and Youngbae. They wipe the windows with old newspapers, tidy up the practise rooms and watch their seniors all day. After that, they start practising as well. They dance and sweat and write one song after the other. Still, nobody notices them. There are times when they really want to give up. They don’t. Jiyong and Youngbae dream of becoming a Hip-Hop duo like Kriss Kross. However, Yang Hyun Suk has other plans. He wants to form a so called idol group. This not what he promised them. It’s not what they have wished for. But GDYB remain quiet. It is not that anybody will listen to them anyway. Before they know it, four other boys enter YG Entertainment.One of them, Jang Hyunseung will not even make it. The CEO will eliminate him soon but he doesn’t know yet.

Choi Seungyun, born in 1987, is one of Jiyong’s old childhood friends. Eventually, he falls in love with hip-hop and starts a “career” as an underground rapper under the pseudonym "Tempo". Seunghyun is not a very social kid back then. He doesn’t like talking to people he doesn’t know, doesn’t like expanding his connections. But when Jiyong calls him and convinces him to send one of his demo tracks to YG, he is thrilled. Maybe he can stop being an underground rapper now. Maybe he can become something big, like the Notorious B.I.G. He can become a part of Big Bang.

He can’t at first.

Because even though Yag Hyun Suk is impressed by Seunghyun’s rapping skills, he doesn’t approve his appearance. "Tempo" is chubby. “Go and lose weight first.” He takes this words seriously. Seunghyun spends his days at the gym and does crazy exercises. One day, his teachers hits his stomach and realizes that there is none anymore. "Tempo" has officially died. It’s just Seunghyun now, Choi Seunghyun, the oldest member with the deep voice and good looks. It’s unbelieveable but the chubby boy from back then will model for Calvin Klein and act in movies one day. Of course he doesn’t know yet. He is just dorky Seunghyun.

Kang Daesung is born in 1989 and loves ballads so much, he joins YG though his father forbids him to do so, even disowning him for a long time before eventually accepting his son’s decision. Daesung has an amazing voice and some fans who send him letters and presents from time to time. Still, within the company, people refer to him as "the ugly one", the one Yang keeps because of his vocals and nothing else. One could assume that he is quiet and dull but he isn’t. Daesung gets another nickname soon, "the smiling angel". Yes, he is always smiling, is always cheerful and bright and has a good heart. Seunghyun wonders how he can be so happy all the time and tells him to share his worries with him. Even as the oldest member, he is amazed by Daesung’s mature response: “I don’t have these kind of problems. When I do, I pray. When I pray, it all goes away.” The smiling angel keeps everything bottled up to himself.

Lastly, there is Lee Seunghyun, the youngest member that is born in 1990. He is the baby, the kid of the group, only 16 years old when BIGBANG debuts. He is not even from Seoul but from Gwangju, meaning that he had to leave his family in order to be able to train at YG Entertainment. Even though he is the oldest child at home, being the youngest in the group is not easy. Sometimes, they wake him up at 4 AM and ask him to go and buy water. Little Seunghyun obeys but he is not completely submissive. He, for example, does not grill the meat for his older members when they are eating BBQ outside (It’s common in Korea that the younger ones prepare the meat for the older ones) , claiming that he doesn’t know how to. This will evoke a lot of laughter in future variety shows but he doesn’t know yet. Little Seunghyun’s overflowing confidence is his strongest point, even to this day. Yang plans to eliminate him together with Hyunseung. However, the young boy manages to convince him of his dedication for music and dance. Nobody can believe it, but the kid from Gwangju actually softens the CEO’s hard heart up. The group bids their goodbyes to Jang Hyunseung. Their time together with him ends in tears.

G-Dragon ak.a Jiyong, Taeyang aka.Youngbae , TOP aka. Seunghyun Choi, Seungri aka.Seunghyun Lee and Daesung are the only ones left. They are no longer strangers but a group of friends who will later refer to each other as brothers, who will overcome many obstacles together and who will give hope to millions of fans all over the world.

The Big Bang of the Korean music industry happened on 19th August 2006. They came, saw and conquered. They striked like a meteorite. They were different from other groups. Maybe not as good-looking as others but different. Before they arrived, many people didn’t know what passion meant, what working for your dreams meant and what real friendship is. BIGBANG’s fans all have something in common: They discovered the band when they had nothing to hold on to anymore.

This theory of Big Bang is slightly different from the one you already know. If Big Bang was the birth of life, then BIGBANG was the birth of hope and love for many people. 

"If something good happens, Daesung will think that it is because of other people. But if something bad happens, he will think that it is his fault."

- G-Dragon about Daesung on ‘Healing Camp’

#WeLoveYouGD ♥

Be strong, Kwonleader!

BIGBANG’s Sweet Reactions When You Are Jealous~

GD: *smirks and wriggles his eyebrows teasingly* Oh my, is that jealousy in your tone, Baby? You have been observing me and that actress noona the whole time, is that right? *laughs, then hugs you* Oh Princess, don’t be mad. You know I cannot avoid it, it’s my job! She got to hug me, yes, but you will get something way better from me later. *grinns* 

YB: Jagiya *laughs*. Hey, are you really mad now? Come on, you know that she has been my dance partner for a long time. We are good friends and those moves are only for the authenticity of our performance later. *gives you a backhug and whispers in your ear* Don’t worry, beautiful. You are the only one I truly like to touch. 

TOP: What is with that frown on your face? *frowns himself* Is it because of that scene I have just shooted? Are you jealous? *smiles warmly after you have nodded shyly* Babe, that was only acting. Come here and I will show you what real love looks like. *pecks your lips* Can you feel the difference now?

DAE: *cannot stop smiling* You know what? The fact that you are fuming from jealousy and anger doesn’t worry me at all. *leans your body gently against his chest* And do you know why? Because I take this as a sign of your undying love for me, Jagi. *kisses the top of your head*

SR:You are jealous? Hah! Now you know how I feel whenever I see you with that guy bestfriend of yours! Be glad that I am such an open-minded boyfriend! *Sees you pouting and stares at you.* Ah, but that doesn’t change the fact that you are the only woman who can make my knees go weak *Kisses you all of a sudden* 

G-Dragon is the only man I know who can advertise lipsticks, mascara, handbags and women’s perfume effortlessly without girls feeling weird about it.

Watching this adorable video, I suddenly remember what people said about Jiyong after the marijuana incident:

"You are the devil in BIGBANG"

"Just die."

I came across this video coincidently. I watched it and I thought to myself: How can this guy be a ‘devil’? How can they wish for him to die when he makes so many people happy?
I mean, just look at his eyes. Look at how he teases the fans, how he plays with them, naturally, as if he was playing with his dongsaengs? Look at how he reacts when that child almost fell, how he tries to prevent the small boy from hurting himself. Look at how his eyes sparkle during the whole event.

I mean, look at how kind he is. How could he be a devil ?

BIGBANG Warning/ Scaring Their Daughters’ Boyfriend

GD: “Ok, now listen you punk. Don’t think you have won just because you have used your boyish charms on my wife and my daughter. Daddy Jiyong is still here. Waiting. And I expect you to bring my baby home at ten. If you are late by one minute, I’ll burn you. Get it?” *smiles evily* 

TY: No kissing, no strong hugs - my daughter is very fragile! And no alcohol for the both of you. Please drive slowly and carefully and don’t forget to put on the belt on her! And I dare you to take her to inapprotiate places and - ugh, okay just leave now!

TOP: *eyes boyfriend from head to toe* Button up that shirt. Now. Are you trying to distract my innocent daughter with that chest of yours? Is that your strategy, huh? I dare you to seduce her, my friend! On this date, you two will only talk. Talk

DAE: *mumbles: What is so great about this guy? Pff* Hey, you there! I am handing you my precious child today and I expect you to take care of her or I will take care of you, if you know what I mean. You don’t want me to follow you, do you? 

SR: Yah, you may be her first boyfriend but you will never ever come close to my position! You will always be number two because daddy is number one in my princess’ heart! So don’t even try to replace me! And don’t even get me started on what I’ll do if she comes home crying…

This is an old interview with Big Bang and… OMG it’s so cute! You have to watch this, it will definitely make you feel happy ^^ Nostalgic a bit - but happy! Top’s ‘high voice’ towards the end is killing me :D

Here is the original, guys :’D