The Sun Has Risen ♥

make me choose meme lorosi asked: inuyasha or sailor moon?

My all time favourite: Inuyasha. Nothing can beat the imapct this anime had left on me. I was so obsessed with it omg :0

Prince Kang Daesung ♥ The smile. That killer smile *-* And I like his fluffy hair!

Prince Lee Seunghyun ♥ Maknae being stunning & cute as always. I love his facial expressions!

Prince Choi Seunghyun ♥ Forever handsome! This royal style suits him a lot *-*

Prince Kwon Jiyong ♥ Very fierce! His eyes :0

Prince Dong Youngbae ♥ I died when I saw the making of of the photoshooting for TOS. His face on the third pic, I couldn’t tear my eyes away T.T

I don’t know how I stumbled across this video, but gosh, it moved me to tears, I could barely hold back.

During Korean war, Turkish soldiers found a little girl and took her with them. A man named Süleyman named her ‘Ayla’ and took care of her as if she was her own daughter. Sadly, the two of them had to part ways soon and Ayla never saw the man whom she called ‘Appa’ again.

She doesn’t know that Süleyman had been praying for her his whole life.

Now after 60 years, they meet somewhere in Incheon.


This video is not only about a meeting, this video is about pure love, nothing but love. This video is about how humanity has no language, about how love can be understood by everyone, no matter where they are from.

Love is universal.

And love is always so much better than hate.

And here we are, killing rach other just because we are different from each other.

You won’t regret watching this.

BIGBANG When You’re Sick

GD: *puts hand on your forehead* Oh my god, my baby is burning! *smirks* I told you that you are way too hot. Or wait - is it because of me? Ah, no, let’s get serious! Don’t worry, beautiful, just let me take care of everything and you’ll be okay!

TY: *carries you to bed* I told you to rest, Babe, didn’t I? You are working way too much, no wonder that you became sick. Lay down and get some sleep, okay? I promise you will feel better afterwards. *kisses your forehead*

DAE: Jagi, here, put my sweater on! I always wear this when I catch a cold. It will keep you warm without making you sweat! And if you still feel cold … *hugs you* I will be your personal heater!

TOP: What, you are sick? *gaspes* Ah, don’t worry. Oppa will take the cold away from you. *gives you a bearhug* Stop struggling. I would rather die than seeing you like this.

SR: Yah, yah, yah! What do you think you are doing? Lay back down! *tugs you in, hovering over you* You are not moving an inch or I will punish you! Ah, I mean I will be angry with you. Let me make a soup for you first. *kisses your cheek*

BIGBANG’s music is therapy.


Do you ever listen to a song when you’re feeling a certain way or going through something and it hits a bullseye with its lyrics…like everything that you were feeling was put into words and you kind of just sit there and hear it like someone’s finally spelling out how you’re feeling….




you can never get away from kpop omg

Omo yes, he reminds me a lot of Heartbreaker GD, too!


you can never get away from kpop omg

Omo yes, he reminds me a lot of Heartbreaker GD, too!

Omg that smile *-*

Omg that smile *-*


D-Lite - Rainy Rainy MV (Short Ver.)