The Sun Has Risen ♥

#GetWellSoonSEUNGRI ✌️

#seungri #vi #riri #bigbang

Please get well Seungri .. rest a lot


#GetWellSoonSEUNGRI ✌️

#seungri #vi #riri #bigbang

Please get well Seungri .. rest a lot

Remember how we all complained about our idols’ hairstyles and fashion sense?

Remember how some people fought over which ship is real and which is not?

Remember how performances and vocals were never good enough?

Why couldn’t we have just appreciated the good times? The times when group members didn’t have to leave, when members didn’t have to be hospitalized or even die after a car accident?

Look what is happening now to Kpop.

"Starting from tomorrow, I will only eat healthy food!"

- Me lying to myself everytime.



It doesn’t cost a damn thing. 

Sprinkle that shit everywhere.

Dat Beach

those men T.T 

omg that look in his eyes O_O

Gumygun’s Post! :)
  1. Answer the questions the person who tagged you came up with, and write 11 new ones.
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  3. Actually tell them you tagged them.
  4. Tell the person who tagged you you answered the questions.

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My Questions

  • When is your birthday? - That would be 25.10.1995 ^^
  • Pet Peeve? - Oh, well I could tell you a lot but what comes to my mind at the moment is when people ask you if you can send their homework to them and they spread it to their friends without telling you!
  • What’s your favourite season? - autumn <3 I just love the colour of the leafs, the slight cold mixed with the warmth of a few sunrays.
  • Most embarassing moment? - Everything about me is embarassing Ah,maybe in grade 7, when my friend and me danced in front of the class and they all started laughing at us >.<
  • Favourite actor/actress? - Hm, I am not a fanatic but I think Jang Geun Suk is pretty cool ^^ Also Johnny Depp (that man can play any role!) 
  • If you could dye your hair any colour, what would it be? - Red! I think some people just rock that colour! Though I doubt I would be one of them :’D
  • Curly or straight hair? - I have curls ^^ Sometimes it’s really annoying but I have learned how to deal with them.
  • Who do you ship? - I don’t really ship anyone :) But I love GDYB’s bromance, it’s too beautiful T.T
  • Style of clothing you wear? - I don’t have an outstanding fashion sense tbh :’D I usually wear jeans, blouses, printed shirts and other normal things. You see I am the type who admires other people’s fashion instead because I am not brave enough to try new styles.
  • The last game you played? - Ok, this is going to be embarassing :D You know those online make-up games for little girls? I was so bored yesterday that I played one of those!
  • Do you have any siblings? - Yes, I have an older sister and an older brother :) I am the maknae at home! 
  • Who is your bias? - Dong Youngbae <3
  • How old are you - I’m 18.
  • What are your hobbies? - I love listening to music, reading and writing random stories, poems etc. Just meeting my friends is also fun :)
  • Do you watch any K-Dramas/ Which ones have you watched? - I love K-Dramas! Though I have only watched the classics until now, like Secret Garden, You’re beautiful, Boys over Flowers, To the Beautiful you … There are some Taiwanese Dramas I have watched, too. Ah, I love dramas! But I don’t get to watch any at the moment because I am so busy with school and they’re super addicting! O_O
  • What do you want to be in the future? - I am not sure, but I would love to become a psychologist/ do social work in order to help people.
  • Where do you live? - I live in Germany.
  • When did you come into Kpop? - That’s hard to say for me actually. You know I got to know Taeyang in late 2010,  but I only listened to his music back then without knowing anything about Kpop until I eventually got into BB in 2011 … So I would say 2011! :)
  • How did you began to like Kpop? - Well, I have always been kinda interested in anything Asian :) But the thing that made me like Kpop … It’s actually BB! Their songs touched me emotionally even though I didn’t understand Korean. That’s how I discovered that music is a language itself. They represented this fresh and young vibe that Kpop artists have, this aura that was kind of new and motivating to me … I really liked that :)
  • Something that happened in your life and you will never forget it? - There is too much that happened that I will never forget … 
  • Favourite colour? - Hm, blue and purple ^^ 

Your Questions

  1. Which one is your favourite book?
  2. Where would you like to travel to one day?
  3. Any habits that you cannot get rid off?
  4. Do you have pets?
  5. Your favourite food?
  6. Your first Kpop song?
  7. Have you ever confessed your love to someone?
  8. Which subject did you/ do you hate at school?
  9. Anything that scares the shit out of you?
  10. How many languages can you speak and which ones?
  11. Why do you like your bias?

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Seungri :( Please get well soon



Seungri :( Please get well soon


[English Subbed] Big Bang talks about friends.

This radio show is back in August 2007, Big Bang members talk about their true feelings regarding friends, and also gave each other advices.

…. yea you’re gonna cry.

Omg this video is one of my drugs T.T I watched it so many times already.

If you haven’t watched it yet, please do so! You may cry but you will also love BB more than you thought will be possible.

[Translation] Taeyang in Vivi Magazine November 2014


tokyo boy cam_27

nothing to do ~My secrets~


Not only seen in Asia, BIGBANG is very popular worldwide, having toured through various nations around the world. That groups’s main vocalist, SOL had his Japanese debut in August. As the ultimate “momu-chan” (having a well trained beautiful body) and a devout Christian, you will come to see his genuinely original view of the world.

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Keke I like this ^^

Keke I like this ^^

Reblog if you miss BIGBANG.
I tried, I tried, I tried, and I’m trying
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the older I get, the more I understand squidwards anger

You either die a Spongebob, or live long enough to see yourself become a  Squidward.